About us


We at TCMS will become a company that prioritizes maximizing customer value through quality first, respect for basics and principles, and crisis management

TCMS is a special company providing solutions of manufacturing Lithium-ion Secondary battery separator film equipment and parts.

We will take the lead in developing new products with creative thinking and original technology, and prioritize “maximizing customer value” by providing the highest quality products and services. In addition, we are preparing for the future in order to take another leap forward without being content with our present accomplishments.

Through continuous R&D and new business development, we will secure future growth engines, enhance business capabilities, and contribute to creating social values to become a company that envisions the future together as a responsible corporate citizen in society. TCMS will continue to move forward as a future-leading separator film material, component, and equipment solution developer.

Thank you.

Shin Tae-yong CEO, TCMS